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Iran , Thursday 26 April 2018

News Iran » Markazi: Benin Envoy: Africa Prefers Trade with Iran to West

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Publication date: Saturday 21 April 2018

"Most African states have very little information about Iran and the country's potentials and the needed data and information should be provided to them," Akibo said in the Central province of Markazi on Sunday. "We have bitter experiences of certain trade ...

News Iran » Markazi: Over $100m in FDI for Markazi Province

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Publication date: Saturday 14 April 2018

Some $104 million in foreign direct investment were signed into agreement to be invested in Markazi Province in western Iran in the last fiscal year (March 2017-18). “The investments were made in nine projects in solar energy, metal, construction and ...

News Iran » Markazi: Beirut barracks bombing victims and their families are awarded $920M judgment against Iran

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Publication date: Friday 02 March 2018

But in 2016, the high court upheld a law allowing victims of Iran-sponsored terrorism to satisfy unpaid judgments with nearly $2 billion in assets held by Bank Markazi, Iran’s central bank. According to Cohen Milstein’s Braun, the court distributing ...

News Iran » Markazi: China’s Puzhen to finance manufacturing subway wagons in Iran

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Publication date: Wednesday 07 March 2018

Based on the contract, the Chinese side is going to collaborate with an Iranian company called Wagon Pars Arak in Markazi Province to build 450 wagons ... the joint manufacturing of subway wagons in Iran. Based on that contract, the Swiss company is ...

News Iran » Markazi: Iran sees increase in iron ore output

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Publication date: Friday 16 March 2018

Sangan was the biggest iron ore granule producer in the 11-month period with 1.95 million tons output, followed by Markazi(1.7 million tons). Iran's total iron ore reserve stands at 5.1 billion tons, of which 2.8 billion tons are proven.

News Iran » Markazi: U.S. appeals court revives claims in $1.7 billion Iran terrorism lawsuit

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Publication date: uesday 21 November 2017

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A federal appeals court in New York on Tuesday revived part of a $1.68 billion lawsuit against Iran's central bank, Bank Markazi, by families of soldiers killed in the 1983 bombing of the U.S. Marine Corps barracks in Lebanon.

News Iran » Markazi: Two suicides, 3,700 arrested: Questions mount over protesters jailed in Iran unrest

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Publication date: uesday 09 January 2018

Also Tuesday, the public prosecutor in Arak, in Iran's central Markazi province, said that a protester being held at a police station had committed suicide. The prisoner was seen on closed-circuit cameras striking himself with an unspecified object ...